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Our Northland office is in the heart of Kansas City’s Northland, on Barry Rd. Being located in Platte County gives Northland agents the opportunity to serve a wide variety of clients’ real estate needs. From homes with large plots of land and rural properties to suburban resale listings and new homes communities in the fast-growing area north of the river, Kansas City’s Northland is an exciting and busy place to be in real estate.

Kristi Ferrara

GET TO KNOW Kristi Ferrara

Northland broker Kristi Ferrara has been in real estate for more than 17 years. She was first drawn to the industry because she saw it as a melting pot of people from all different backgrounds. She also likes how much potential for successful real estate holds for anyone willing to put in the work. "If you have an ambitious spirit you have an opportunity to make a fabulous living while turning clients dreams into reality.", commented Kristi.

Kristi views her leadership style as positive and encouraging. She believes in pushing her agents to keep climbing and propelling themselves forward both professionally and personally. She likes the fact that she, and all brokers at Kansas City Homes, non-selling so that she can be fully committed to spending her time in the office training, guiding and invigorating her agents to succeed in this competitive industry.

When asked to describe her office culture, Kristi said, "We are a family that likes to work hard and play hard. Our team is comprised of career-minded, engaged professionals. Our career is our passion and our livelihood. We set a high standard, and our agents offer consistent, quality service to their clients."

She is careful to point out that as an office, they don't focus solely on closing deals and keeping an eye on the bottom lines because their central focus is to exceed our customers' expectations during the home buying and selling process.

If you are considering a real estate career in and looking for a collaborative environment where ideas are discussed openly, and support and motivation come from everyone in the office, you'll find it at the BHGRE Kansas City Homes Northland office. In addition to a real connection and feeling of community amongst its agents, the Northland office boasts an average per-person production volume that is nearly double the average in the Kansas City area.


We like to play as equally hard as we work, and try to do so together regularly. As you can see in the photos below, when we’re not cooking out or hitting the town, we’re giving back to the people of Kansas City through charity and community service.

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